The stigma of income assistance

This is an article I wrote and had published today in the Nova Scotia Advocate.
I have been told a few times today in face book how it has hit home. Tell me what you think.

If you’ve ever had to use government aid like I did in the past… how did it effect you?

Article link below image.

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Where has the effort gone?

Why is it that when a guy asks you to add you to their social media and you do; the first thing they have to do is either talk about their ex’s, drug and booze, guns or  ask who you’re dating? If you don’t answer, you’re a “Stuck up bitch” because they didn’t get their way? This I feel is a method used by those who want control over something they deem their right to take.  A means to “win” with verbal assaults because they haven’t the capacity for meaningful thought in order to win the heart of a lady they find appealing. Instead many guys use intimidation to get what they want or to exercise control.  Catcalling, wolf whistling, and then some.  If I WANTED your attention, I’d make sure to let you know.  We do NOT ask for you guys to do this kind of crap. We’re not going to run up to you and fall into your arms because you howled at us and grabbed your junk, telling you to take us right there… You’re a fucking fool if you think that shit works. If anything, women are disgusted by your neanderthal tactics. Grow up!

Thing is now… if a lady does answer; they feel like their deposit of “attention;” even if it’s counterfeit; will allow them to withdrawal sexual reciprocation from you as payment for that attention.  HOW come this is an ongoing behavior I see time and time again? It’s as bad as the “Friend Zone” guys bitch about so much. Seriously? So you pay attention to me, and get MAD because I don’t screw you for the attention you give me? Hello…. *KNOCK KNOCK!* YOU chose that position, if you stay then that’s YOUR choice.  YOU put yourself there and if you expect anything more you my dear male counterpart are an ass! 

Is it media with their over sexualized ads, or commercials? Is it parents who lack the proper ways to raise their male children to treat women like equals? Is there a reason at all or just that most males of the world feel it’s best to have control and they MUST dominate anyone they deem weaker?  I wonder how many guys; once they mature; stop and think about their own children once they get older and realize what their female children go through… I wonder if they think their girls “WANTED” to be harassed or groped or catcalled.  Do they have any remorse for those they harassed as young men?  Do they understand the stigma to the rape culture they themselves were a part of?

When I get asked who I am dating or hear about a guys parting or ex’s;  I think. Who the hell cares who I’m dating?  I also haven’t any interest in your past relationships because it’s not something I need to be involved in. As for who I am dating, I refuse to make up someone JUST to get a guy to back off and leave me the hell alone. I like being single. I think I’m the one because it’s working out so well.

The thing is, when I choose to not get involved with someone’s life or show interest in dating this person and hoped to just BE FRIENDS… guys tend to think I OWED them. When I do this on social media when I didn’t fall into their arms like a loose chick they want. I am blocked; Not that I care, but WOW! Real mature.

However; I sit back and smile when it happens because see; I learned when a guy does this it’s for the best… The trash took itself out and ALL of us who’ve been in relationships where their partner was always “keeping score” on how often they got laid for attention given, knows how hard it is to get them  to do chores. They just made our lives easier by walking away; we won’t be dealing with their bullshit. They want easy they can pick up trash. Frankly I’m not that kind of woman.
It’s guys like this whose misogynistic behavior; where they think they are OWED payment of sexual favors for attention given that make me distrust the male species, and one of the BIGGEST reasons why I will not date anymore.

My aunt always told me that there’s guys who want “easy” and they will go after anything like fallen bruised apples upon the ground.  ANY man who has any morals will make an effort to climb that tree to get the best; go for a lady who has morals herself.  A true man doesn’t expect someone to put out JUST because of what they give to another.  It’s those people who work hard who will receive another’s devotion.  I believe many of us ladies would rather be an apple HIGH on a tree and have someone work hard to obtain their affections.

Personally; I’ve been single nearly four years and I rather like it this way.  Why? Because I have a moral bank, I have ideals that I believe in. I will not sway from those.  I do not take kindly to counterfeited attentions placed within my walls to have love withdrawn.  It’s happened too many times in the past. I; like any other bank; will charge a thief with robbery; sentencing will be swift and there is never a chance of parole.


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SOS – Save Our Single (parents)

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

My name is Sylvia AJ White and I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A small province compared to the others; one whose economy is heading west because of the lack of jobs and more so lack of support.

I write for those of us who need the help the most, including myself.  I may not be able to articulate myself very well but I think I can make an effort to make my point clear. I write for single parents (most who are mothers) who are fighting a battle without any meaningful help.  Those of us who work as much as we can, and those of us who rely on assistance from a broken and severely outdated system. It is suppose to help but sadly doesn’t because those who run it just do not care enough to make a serious effort to fix it.  This province doesn’t need MLS’s to run it sir; it requires a mother.

Someone who would understand the struggles we all endure or face every single day.  Here are the breakdowns of what I mean. PLEASE take into consideration that all of this is based on info I’ve gathered over the years and it’s out of Halifax NS, our capital city.

A single parent (I’m using a mother because I am in this VERY situation myself!) ; with two children; on assistance receives $880 a month.  The rents here unless you’re in housing average about $650 to $1200 a month depending if you live in the “slums/hood” or not.  If you want a nice place it will cost you.  Community services only allows $675 MAX for rent.  This MUST include heat, electricity & hot water.   A single parent of two would be LUCKY to find a one bedroom for this much let along a three bedroom should she had a male and female child.   If she did, this leaves her with a grand total of $205 a MONTH to survive off of.   (Not including her child tax credit, IF she gets one.)   $205 is suppose to buy medication, clothing for her children and herself all year round.  Kids grow so clothing isn’t cheap EVEN at a second hand store!

NOTE: I’m going to assume you know the issue with Value village, and other second hand stores in NS jacking up prices in poor neighbourhoods;  which I might add is deplorable, if not you may want to check in on this.  I think you’d be quite surprised at the profiteering that goes on within these businesses at the expense of those who can’t afford it.

To continue;  this amount of $205 is deplorable.  IF she works, even part time she’s only allowed to keep $150 as a starting rate and then 70% of any “extra” after that $150; well that income is taken away from her Income Assistance check for trying to better herself with that job.  A very discouraging thing to deal with if you must pay for child care as well.  Another expense that can be anywhere from $250-$1300 a month in this city.

A single mom with 2 children must take that $205 and eat, pay medications and clothing. Breaking it down to a minimum, $15 for medication *1 RX per person (under pharmacare at $5 a shot) once a month.  But we ALL know that doesn’t happen ALL the time* and $50 for clothing for 3 people.  This leaves a total of $140 for the month. THIS is for food.  $4.66 a day for THREE people.  (A huge amount of $1.55 PER person.)  A healthy balanced diet requires $75 a week per person.   $10.85 a week on IA is only 14% of the actual cost to keep a person healthy.  IA sees more people in Dr’s offices and hospital due to the lack of a proper diet.  This leads to more meds being required and less money for food… (See where I am going with this?)

A single parent who decides to get an education, is amazing. OH Fantastic! She could be ANYTHING she wants to be… BUT NOT IF SHE’S POOR!!!

FACT: Income Assistance DICTATES that if a single mother even TRIES to do well for herself by getting an education; that if she should choose ANYTHING they don’t approve of then they will not support her.  If she gets a student loan, she’s on her own.  There is no daycare support, there isn’t any income other than that student loan.  That loan covers school costs, not child care or rent or food.  Nova Scotia’s Income assistance system is BROKEN! It needs to be mended. So people who need it can survive. So they can CHOOSE who they want to be; so someone in a higher seat with an education can’t look down on them and say. “NO you can’t be this, because I said so.”  Single parents are already considered to be the bad guy by ex spouses who don’t pay child support on a system where they are told they are WRONG to need help.  I don’t want a job based on what someone told me I could be, I want one based on my passions! Something I love to do.  I love to help, but I don’t want to be a nurse.  I’m resourceful and creative, but I’m not allowed to get the higher education I want because it’s NOT approved!

WHY is it that the single parent  is the “bad guy” when they ask for help?  The stigma of “Oh she’s lazy“, or “He’s milking the system” is something I’ve heard time and time again. It’s a HORRIBLE feeling knowing you’d not be there in that situation if your ex supported the child you both brought into the world,  and if you could have a job based on an education YOU chose; BUT in NS… deadbeat parents (Most proven to be men) get a free ride.  How is it that their RIGHTS are “violated”  when we asked for their parental rights to be revoked if that parent hasn’t made ANY effort to support that child?  Isn’t abandonment of a child considered a crime? If so then WHY the hell should a parent endure the pain of being told that THEY HAVE to find their ex in order to get maintenance that the other parent is obviously avoiding?  That WE as single parents without income to hire an investigator to track down our ex’s and to serve them so we can take them to court for money we will never see.

In Nova Scotia; as of October of 2014; deadbeat parents owed $65 MILLION dollars in support to their children.  Over 90% of them STILL have their licences. Many move to other provinces because they know that an ISO (Interim Service Order) order is needed before they can get wages garnished out of province and even then it’s a struggle, and why? Because other provinces will not work with maintenance enforcement to accomplish a greater goal of seeing child poverty lessened due to dead beat parents lack of support.  I think it’s high time that something was done about this issue and NOW. It’s been over 30 years and hardly ANY solid changes have been made!  I think if a parent is court ordered to pay they should and if not they should be jailed, losing their licence should be done after $500 is in arrears not say the $170,000 like Mr. Joe Power did to his wife Angela who’s been fighting in court since 1991!!  I believe their medical should be revoked as well.  Insurances of ANY kind should also be denied till they’re are paid in full.

The Family Court laws and rules ALSO need to be revamped and changed to give single parents a chance to have SOME control over their children’s needs.  A child should NEVER be allowed to be abused by a person who doesn’t want them by the neglect and lack of support. I believe if that parent walks out they should lose their rights, give those rights to the parent who is THERE for their child!  I have heard time and time again, “But what about that dad/mom’s rights, what if they turn their life around?”  My response to this is… Then they shouldn’t have been a parent in the first place if you can abandon a child like a puppy, you’re a criminal.  If justice is given it should be to the parent who is there at 3 in the morning while that child is sick, the one who feeds and clothes them.

I think if an active parent so chooses to, giving the option to have the other parent give up their rights should be a viable option.  ANY maintenance owed would still be required to be paid but new amounts would cease, OR after so many years of the deadbeat parent not being in the child’s life it would be deemed abandonment and the child’s active parent would have all rights while the inactive one would lose their rights as abandonment would be deemed a punishable offence.  For example a parent shouldn’t have to struggle to have their child’s last name changed back to their own if they so chose because that ex refuses to co-operate and allow it because he has rights on a child he abandoned.  It makes the other active parent feel helpless and less important even though they are doing all the work. WHERE ARE THEIR RIGHTS? I ask this because this is what I hear others are dealing with right now, one lady I know with an ex spouse who owes over $14000 in back support and he’s been gone 3 years!  (But she has NO rights to change his last name to her own because her ex has “rights” on a child he abandoned… NOT FAIR!)
So Mr. Prime Minister… This is where I stand.  As a single parent I want what is best for my children, but I can’t give it to them when their father chose to walk out one day without a word and NO support.  I can’t give it to them when feeding them on $1.55 each has become a nearly impossible task and food banks are the norm.  I can’t give it to them if they see me struggle to get a better education only to be told “NO” because it’s not approved by someone who DOES have an education.  I can’t tell my children they can be anything they want to be when it’s a lie.  Being poor and relying on a broken system is like a stranded swimmer out on a vast ocean. I’m going nowhere treading water, and I’m going to drown without a life preserver.   Without the support, I’m just another statistic with kids who are going to end up the same way, and this sir is NOT what I want for my children.

Thanks for your time.

Sylvia AJ White,
Halifax NS.

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101 pieces of Luck 2015 Part 1

So the summer of 2015 has seen some pretty impressive things happen for my family and I. We won some money which we are rather enjoying. My son has a full time job. I’m working as well. Finished my GED program and all is awesome with our little world.

I’m usually not the luckiest person in the world. Hell my blog last year will tell you about how lucky I can be LOL, BUT with that being said I have this wonderfully uncanny ability to sit in a clover patch with my daughter (who’s 4 BTW) and we can find 4, 5 and 6 leafed clovers like nobody’s business. It’s VERY weird LOL 🙂  I started to give them away last year.  Apparently this has made my luck turn around (Go figure LOL!)

The odd in finding a 4 leafed clover are something like 10000 to 1 !!!
This goes to 100000 to 1 when it’s a 5 leafed clover and even higher when it’s a 6!
I’ve found MANY 5 leafers and even several 6’s

This is just SOME of the clovers I found this year that have been dried and laminated.

I LOVE sharing this ability with my daughter. My grand mom use to always say I had “Clover Vision” when I was a child. A special and unique ability to find 4 leafed clovers.
I apparently passed this onto my wonderful little girl 🙂

So in light of all that and the wonderful clovers I’ve found with my daughter; when I started to give them away last year I passed out well over 200; I posted some in here within my blog which I dubbed 101 pieces of luck.  I did it again this year only I MAILED out over 40 so far with more to go. I’ve given away by hand over 67 (in total 107 clovers given away)
My daughter alone has found this year (only) 53 clovers ALL by herself.
*I’m so freaking PROUD of that you know!!!*

So now I’m going to post some of the pics of some of the lucky people who’ve received a clover from me, Either in person or via mail. 🙂 Enjoy and If you received one from me and “got lucky” Hey post in here and tell me about it and I will ADD it to the blog entry under your pic! (Why? because you’re luck is AMAZING to me!)

Amanda Latter


Tracy Kerr and Daughter


My foster daughter Sarah Backland


Terri Singer and Son Jackson

Bunny Smith

Meggie MacKinnon


Allyson MacPhee (her daughter Layla)


Charlene White

Deanna Wong


Elizabeth Squires


Laura Kathleen




Amanda Mills


Amanda McAskill


(Foster son) Tristan


Alisha Hazel


Tammy Benvie


Jacqueline Patricia


Alice and her friend :) ON the Metro

Alice and her friend 🙂 ON the Metro

So now these lovely people have been posted. SO lets keep our eyes open for stories 😉 cause you never know where a little luck is going to come from!

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How do I mend her heart?

I never noticed till now that the picture of Camaya and I; along with her dad was missing from the wall in her room…. 😦
I wished I’d seen it gone sooner, I’d have asked where it went. Instead I found it under her bed… sadly it was torn to bits, but only her dad was the only person ripped out of that once upon a time moment when we were all happy.  A surreal moment come to think of it, because back then he loved us as much as I loved him.

Sadly, I look back and think I should have probably not pointed him out, but back in May we saw her father driving through Tim Hortons. I told her with cheer and NO contempt to her father, “There’s daddy!” and asked her to wave… She’d only asked about him the night before for the 100th time. (and for the 100th time I lied to protect her)… Sadly that day he proved to her I was liar…  He ignored her, didn’t speak and drove away.

That callous moment by him took away her joy for most of the day… it broke my heart.  She’s a bright child. She knew I was fibbing when I told her “Maybe he didn’t hear you.” She pointed out that his window was opened.

SIGH…Today I find this. My heart aches for her yet again. She’s so young and so small yet has these emotions bottled up and lashes out the only way she knows how… On a picture I hung by her bed so she understood that even though her dad and I didn’t see eye to eye I still loved her so very much. Enough to KEEP her dad in the picture… it’s too bad he cut out.

My poor princess. I cry knowing how heart broken she must have been to do this… She couldn’t have been more than 3 when she did it (She just recently turned 4) I noticed she doesn’t ask about him anymore either.

How do you fix a child’s world where she knows that her mamma lied to her about a man this child is pretty certain doesn’t care, especially when one is so young but seems to understand more than she should?

(I HONESTLY like to believe that he probably does care; he just hates me too much to show her, and doesn’t get that he’s abusing her emotionally when he tries to hurt me, and THAT hurts the most… because I can’t stop him from doing that to her!)

How do you protect a child from someone who proves with his actions towards her (or there lack of) that he doesn’t seem to give two shits about her if only because he hates me so much?  She’s half of us both! There’s nothing wrong with her because she’s half him… there shouldn’t be anything wrong with her because she’s half me too!

I know I could ask her if she wants another picture, but I don’t want to upset her even more. I could just replace it and wait and see what happens. (again I don’t want to upset her) I could ask her if she wants to talk about her dad… but she’s not brought him up in a long time and seeing this… makes me think it’s best to leave well enough alone.


Added: 6:14 pm July 28th 2015. 

I told her I found the picture under her bed when I was cleaning. She put her head down like she was going to get into trouble… I had to tell her I wasn’t mad (I wasn’t I just felt so hurt that she had to go through all of this) and I wanted to know why she broke daddy out of her picture and her response plain as day was “I was pissed off.” I tried my best not to smile, or laugh because well… innocent kids who cuss while angry; I ain’t gonna lie it’s funny as hell! (I think I did OK in not busting a gut) I asked her about why; She said. “He knows I here. He don’t like me like he does the other girl” she put her head down again, she looked SO lost and defeated… I felt so damn bad, but I asked if she meant her sister Faith and she nodded, and then she continued with “He not very fucking nice!” And stomped her foot, crossed her arms and sat under her bunk bed. I very calmly (again trying my damndest to not laugh..sorry but she had every right to be angry… but she looks so cute when she’s ticked off) told her I understood she was angry and felt heart hurt but she shouldn’t use those words. (YES, I parented her, and corrected the language) I ask her if she’d want a new picture or not, I told her she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to (I wasn’t going to force it) and she agreed that she did. I also told her instead of breaking something when she’s mad to come talk to me so we could fix it as best as we can.  I think she understood this pretty well….

Now the big thing is I pray that I did the right thing.

Drew… I sure the hell hope you’re proud of yourself!

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Bashing the gay community with ignorance, doesn’t make you right.

I was introduced to this video VIA a friend who isn’t against gay marriages.  He however feels that all the “flag waving” is out of hand… (Such is his opinion, doesn’t mean I agree with it) TOO many people think others are

“Just jumping on the bandwagon!” When it comes to support to the gay community.
Frankly I think the more who support the better, this world is already full of enough hate. Getting angry at those who support a cause only goes to prove that we need MORE people who are supportive to any given cause that benefits a peaceful community as a whole.

The video I speak of is below.

I watched it and I very much disagree with this video. I was told if I respond emotionally I was being irrational.  Frankly I think thats a crock of shit as well… but here’s my  non emotional response. (yes some personal info as well included)

I know several people who are same sex, married and have and are still raising SEVERAL adopted foster children who are.
1. Benefiting society (1 of these children; he is a social worker, married as well  and to a same sex partner also and also has 2 adopted children. He came into this home as a openly gay child and ACCEPTED for who he was. Given the same rights to a roof over his head, love, food in his belly and medical care.
2. This family’s union is saving the government money because they have taken in 9 children from the CPS foster homes and gave them a loving and stable home to live. There for saving the government money in the long run.  When a child is in care it costs CPS about $900 a month per child to pay a foster parent to maintain that child’s care… How do I know… I WAS one of those foster children IN the system. I got lucky with my home and my foster parents showed me what the government paid her to care for me.  Once a child is adopted CPS no longer has to pay the foster parents as it is shown in court that they can afford to maintain the upbringing of each child. 
3. If there were more adoptive same sex homes more children would be raised to be tolerant, accepting and non judgemental. (and quite possible less racists!) The government could save MILLIONS of dollars as well allowing more same sex couples adopt. Less children would be beaten or abused while in the care of a same sexed couple. It’s more likely that a child is beaten or abused by their own biological parents or while in foster care of a hetrosexual couple. Take for instance the several young children who died while in care over a 6 month period in the last few years because CPS took them from their parents for smoking pot. EVERY single home was a hetrosexual setting.
4. Contrary to popular belief that only gay men molest children. None of these children are being or have been molested in this situation.  If anything these children are treated with more respect and dignity then most got with their own flesh and blood. 

When I see videos like this I feel that people tend to take acceptance and tolerance for certain things and at different levels. (Like the ending of segregation) and refuses to let go of their bigoted reasoning which is TAUGHT. (There’s no such thing as Homophobia… No one is inherently AFRAID of a gay person….You’re taught as a child that this person is bad and lied to and told they will molest you. Which is UNTRUE)

I USE to be scared of people who were gay when I was a child… unlike many; once I was on my own I learned there was nothing wrong with it, because it answered my own questions about my own sexuality.

I learned if a person isn’t tolerant of me as I am then these aren’t people I want to be around because they cause friction, something I do not need in my life. I have foster children who are Trans, Gay and Bi. None of my kids molest people, they all plan on getting married. Two of them plan on rescuing children from the foster system. (as many as they can financially support.) If this is SO wrong. I don’t want them to be right… Why because I love my kids for who they are, and I will support their choices.

So…Am I offended by this video?  No, not really…BUT I don’t accept it or agree with it though which is my choice, just like it was their choice to make a video that is based on ignorant and biased facts.

OH and PS: There is nothing wrong with an emotional response to a video like this. If a person punches you in the face do you not respond with an emotion or do you rationalize? Yeah… just as I thought.
You respond with emotion…

This video is a punch in the face to the gay community… those who respond emotional. Don’t feel bad about doing so, it’s a natural reaction. I chose not to because I was told I shouldn’t; this doesn’t mean I didn’t at first… I just chose the HIGH road; unlike the people who created it in the first place.

Those are MY thoughts on that video and here’s one to counteract it…

IN a world where so many feel unloved, unwanted, unaccepted. Their rights taken for granted and those saying “You oppress me because you want what I have” need to take  a LONG hard look at what you can do to a person when you tell them they are disgusting for being themselves…. There’s enough children dying in the world. NONE should die because of intolerant people.  Learn why there are more kids in the gay community killing themselves and understand it works BOTH ways.  How would many like to live in a world where being gay was normal and being straight was “wrong” (Video below shows an example of this concept.)

I hear after all of this is said and done that well, I see people who support the gay community get pissy and they try to shove it down our throats…
Umm, NO this isn’t what they are trying to do… they are TRYING to explain why the voiced choices are IGNORANT…

People who get upset, do so at those who are rude about it all; are upset because of the ignorant ideology behind the fear mongering… Such as: “A gay person will change you…” I’m sorry if you can be “changed” then you were always Gay. another one: “Gay are pedophiles who molest boys”. This too is a rediclious statement and is unfounded, since when it is only gay men who molest children. Or comments on: “I base my belief on the teachings of the bible.” yet it’s been translated 200 times and no one agrees to what it really means…and one religion shouldn’t Pick and choose what to follow, if they can then so can EVERYONE else.

I ACTUALLY get if people don’t like it cause they think it’s “gross”… This is a personal thing… THAT I honestly get… It’s like being grossed out over liver, but no one goes around screaming, Don’t eat liver because I don’t like it! but you will see people encourage others to at least TRY to understand why others do eat it…

to some this will seem like a stupid comparison… but when in fact it’s actually kinda the same.  Those who don’t support based on ideals they were taught are allowed to do so… I don’t condemn them for that at all…They can’t help to think like they do as it was forced upon them, unlike myself and several others at least our support isn’t based on a forced idea, we LEARNED on our own how to think for ourselves. 🙂

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Congrats to the USA! #loveislove

So, June 26th, 2015 is now the USA’s day to be PROUD!
because they finally followed the same suit that Canada did and approved nation wide that same sex marriages were legal.

NOW it’s JUST marriage, regardless of the two getting married. No more need for defined labels.  I find it quite amusing to see SO many closed minded people going on about how they plan on moving to Canada JUST because the United States decided to give EVERYONE equality in the eyes of marriage.  Eh?! Seriously?


Ummm, NEWS FLASH there hunnies,

Canada gave marriage equality back in 2005, TEN whole years before the USA even did.  SO I think there’s going to be some sorely disappointed foreigners coming to our borders if they think we’re keeping anyone who’s gay out. If you REALLY hate gay people THAT much… How about you move to places like… Oh I don’t know… a suggestion…. like say Iran?  Saudi Arabia? Egypt? Libya? JUST to name a few. I’m SURE you’ll ALL fit right in!!! Gay acts there are punishable by death. I’m sure as a “Christian” they will HAPPILY accept your views! (So long as you convert!)

Oh and good luck with that. 🙂

To the USA… Congrats! (It’s about time) but Welcome aboard the equality train~!~


In light to the state wide appoval to give equal rights to everyone who wishes to marry; people need to remember The unity of two souls existed long
before most religions. Those who don’t want to embrace the new rights that gay couples have don’t have to like it; they also don’t have to believe it’s right,
but I feel when their close minded venomous ideals are spewed upon the masses and scream that it should be forced on a legal level on everyone; well this
is a form of oppression isn’t it? These people want to take away a right they have ALWAYS had because it interfears in their lives indirectly. I don’t get it.
How is a person who is unknown to most interfearing with another persons life? Canada did it LONG before the USA and we’re STILL the same.
The world didn’t fall into brimstone or self destruct. Those who spew hate with the ideology that they are “Christian”need to learn that they are using their
bibles in the wrong way. Never beat someone with the word of god, it might come back and bite you back.

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