Sleepless nights

So I haven’t had much sleep since my last posting, lately I’ve been crashing at about 10 pm to midnight and I toss and turn. My poor belly is huge and it feels like it’s on fire most of the time. It sucks being in pain but such is the life of an expectant mom I suppose lol. I just wish I could sleep more. Nine times out of ten I’m awake again around 4am when my hubby gets home from work and then back to sleep by 5am. (and up again by 8) I think I’m managing maybe a total of 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, it’s not much but I suppose it could be worse.
Now when I say I’m huge I’m NOT joking… I use to weigh about 115 pounds before my hubby and I planned this little angel and now I’m 186.3 pounds!!! Impressive LOL! I went from a size 3 jeans to a 29 wide!!! (that’s a 48 inch waist for those who don’t know for sure) I don’t even fit into my hubbys pants HAHAHAHA! I have less than 3 weeks to go now (1 if I am lucky because I am to term on the 1st of July) I’ve been doing LOTS of research on how to get my body labour ready and how to encourage natural labour to start in a timely manner. Some of them are way out there but many I’ve learned do help and 1 I know for sure does help a great deal because I’ve done it before (and yes it’s safe) here are a few things I’ve learned, these ones are the ones that DO help… I will also add ones that really don’t help much but seem to for some women…

1. Evening Primrose Oil (cold pressed) – after 34 weeks start taking 2 at every meal…orally once you’ve reached 36 -37 weeks you can start using these internally and making sure to reach the cervix placing 1-3 tablets against the cervix, this “ripens” and softens the cervix… this will help east pain and discomfort and make your delivery easier… I’ve done this one before and it helps a great deal, and my labour was so much easier and less painful and I only had to use the “gas” for pain relief 2 times in my 6 hours of labour with my youngest… 🙂 it can take as much as a week to kick in but it is a huge help. Note thou this DOESN’T START labour it just helps it along once it starts.

2. Dance! Yep you heard right, once your to term, if you have the energy and can move about ok, dance your hiney off, or even walk. The strenuous movements actually encourage baby to move down lower and it’s a great way to get a bit of exercise! *you may also be able to sleep a bit better as well once you’ve worn yourself out but be prepared, SOMETIMES within hours you could be awakened with the start of labour!

3. Eat certain foods like… Orgneo and basil … LOL yep, which also helps with labour, so do Kiwi, mango and fresh pineapple these spices and fruits have patossin in them and it helps with starting labour, there’s no defined amount on how much to consume but it’s been known to help a great deal especially for those who are over due!!! Just a fair warning if you have little kids and you consume these wonderful items… you younger kids will be laughing ever 10 mins or so, cause they DO cause flatulence… LOL you’ll have giggling little ones and another on the way soon enough! 🙂

4. Red leaf Raspberry tea – This helps ease pains… you can use this but use it sparingly, it IS safe it just tends to go through a pregnant woman so much faster. This tea will help start Braxton hicks contractions,but after a bit they get more intense because the tea helps “focus the contractions”. Used in conjunction with the Primrose oil this trick usually works nicely, but again this doesn’t START labour but helps it along.

5. Accupressure. Yep this has been known to work as well. On your left hand there is a webbed spot between your thumb and index finger. If you rub in here with your other hand (thumb and index finger) and put presser in here every 10 mins for about 30 seconds, for a full day you can stimulate labour to start, (but it will only start if your body is READY!) this trick was found out by a chinese Dr who tried to help his wife with her pregnancy but she always lost the baby, in due time he figured out this was the reason and stopped trying this trick till she hit 37 weeks. After that Labour started easily enough. There are two other spots as well, Check on youtube they show many accupresseur points for those wishing to induce their own labour, just remember DO NOT try these till you’ve reached term!!! 37 weeks and up!

6. Sex to Induce Labor: Semen contains prostaglandins. Prostaglandins cause the cervix to “ripen”, or soften and prepare to open. While it is debatable whether there are enough prostaglandins in semen to have any real effect, it is not a terrible way to keep hope alive while awaiting away the last weeks of your pregnancy. Another great side effect is the fact that orgasms produce oxytocin, the hormone that causes contractions. So, between the two, there is a pretty good case for the cure for pregnancy but not a 100% guarantee, but it could be fun trying 🙂

Some “wives tales: I’ve heard over the years as well are the following :

Castor oil: this just tends to give one diarrhea and causes much discomfort it also irritates the uterus as well and it MIGHT cause labour but it’s not much fun to do OR drink! Sometimes dehydration can also be present and will only land mom in the hospital, so for the benefits of your baby it’s safer to avoid this trick all together if just for the comfort of your own body.

Black cohosh: was sometimes used by nurse-midwives years ago to induce labor, but it shouldn’t be used by a pregnant woman without supervision by a qualified healthcare provider because it could stimulate uterine contractions which could result in miscarriage. This stuff is usually used as a tea, Excessive doses of black cohosh may cause seizures, visual disturbances and slow or irregular heartbeat and or liver damage. Also, the quality and purity of the black cohosh products used isn’t known. Black cohosh should not be confused with the herb blue cohosh , white cohosh, bugbane, Cimicifuga foetida, sheng ma or white baneberry. These species have different effects, and blue cohosh and white cohosh, in particular, can be toxic. There is a case report of neurological complications in a post-term baby after labor induction with an herbal blend of black cohosh and blue cohosh. So please DO NOT use it as a labour inducer.

Eggplant parmesan: an internet sensation that’s been sweeping world-wide for the self-induction of labor is the myth that eggplant will start labor. This myth started when a news story began circulating about a restaurant in Georgia. Apparently the mothers of over 300 babies have gone into labor in the past 23 years, within 48 hours of eating the eggplant parmesan. BUT, it may just be that the dish causes the women to go into labor, as it’s not the eggplant. This dish contains the herbs Oregano and Basil which have properties that may cause contractions, though it is not yet known how or in what quantities. This is why, in aromatherapy circles, these herbs and essential oils are to be avoided whenever possible during pregnancy.

So I hope some of this was insightful I know what I learned was for me 🙂 LOL and now that I’ve posted I think I will finish my laundry and maybe try to get a few more moments of shut-eye! 😉 3 weeks and counting on my end and to all the other mom’s to be out there 🙂 enjoy your quiet time now soon enough you won’t have 30 mins of peace once your bundle gets here. 🙂



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