Metro Bus strike, Overtime isn’t the issue – Management is

Image By Sylvia White, 2012 Dartmouth NS.

The cost of fuling buses on a monthly basis is about 600K

So on Friday there was a vote for a contract the city offered the local ATU 508, it was rejected with an astounding 78% mainly due to the wording to the contract and the “buy-out” of 1500 at signing, and here I thought Kelly was complaining about the “Extra costs to the city…” like WTH?
The ferry is supposed to start running again, access-a-bus is back up (this I DO agree with, to a certain extent) with 1 driver who actually have the training while the other drivers are just management who wouldn’t know one end of a bus from the other without direction… seeing as their management skills suck I can’t see their driving skills being much better. The city then was offered on Monday a counter offer, It was an offer that actually SOLVED this so-called BS on the “overtime” that Kelly is griping about… It was REJECTED!!! COME ON NOW!!!! He is just doing this to “save money!” but people have NO idea whats really going on they just blame the drivers… BUT there is one journalist who FINALLY put it into perspective… (I could have but my hubby is a driver and I didn’t want to get him into trouble with the powers that be once this strike was over as he’s got another issue to deal with when he returns anyway…yes with management! GO FIGURE)

Anyway … read what this fella says he’s got it ALL in a nutshell!

This man put everything into a full prespective … on what a driver has to deal with… on a daily basis… The city’s rejection doesn’t solve the problem and neither does roistering… it’s BS just to make the drivers look bad when it’s the damn MANAGEMENT! The strike needs to end, the city is at fault plain and simple… (They just refuse to accept that this overtime BS was their stupidity in the first place so they want to punish the drivers!)

I frankly do not like the idea of my husbands day split into TWO shifts (for an 8 hour shift) spanning 12 hours or more in a day… I would NEVER see him and we have a brand new baby! There are very few other jobs that make you wait 4 hours in between shifts like this one does…and believe me these guys are driving buses NOT flying planes… so this split crap HAS to go… but this roistering stuff doesn’t work at all either!!! The city keeps going on about how there’s over time… and as Tom put there’s more IN work over time and that’s managements fault for creating the scheduling as they did… it’s not perfect but it’s worked for well over 12 years why the hell change it now? … to piss off the drivers, so a strike is started, which in turn gets the commuters turned against the drivers as well… so the city looks “good” while “saving a dollar?” and when the strike is all over it will be Kelly sitting in front of the camera making himself look good, by saying “Oh look what I did to get them back on the road…” DO IT NOW DAMMIT… Stop this BS… Either make a better offer or let the arbitrator in and get them back to work there are people’s livelihoods at stake here and this has gone on long enough… OH BTW to clarify something Halifax is NOT the highest paid Metro transit system in Canada… Ottawa Ontario is, they get paid $ 32.67 an HOUR… and they ACTUALLY get Pee and lunch breaks…!!!

About Jaidemoon

Sylvia lives in Halifax NS in a well known neighbourhood called Spryfield Sylvia is also known in many writing circles as Lila Mosher. (her chosen pen name) She is in the process of getting her 1st book published, from a series called Steppin' Out that she's been working on for a few years (So far she's completed 4 books and the 5th one is almost done.) She's accomplished getting poetry published in the past but the most recent accomplishment was getting an article published in the Nova Scotia Advocate. (Something she's wanted to do for years) Sylvia has 2 children at home and is a altruistic lady who is forever trying to assist those in her community, she volunteers for the local food bank in her area and helps rescue cats though a rescue group she runs with her aunt called "Halicats". She firmly believes that kindness is a commodity and should be given freely. "I once was told as a teen... 'When storm clouds come rolling in, try to be someones rainbow.' I still try to do this on a daily basis." S. White. Sylvia Or Jaide in here has quite the following with her written works including a fan fiction series called Generation Ork. and several other stories that you can find on line. Check them out in the links on her blog.
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3 Responses to Metro Bus strike, Overtime isn’t the issue – Management is

  1. Ottawain says:

    Funny thing about Ottawa, they dont get those breaks, the f*&#ed up scheduling so bad that turn around time between routes is so bad now that it barley covers the time that they are late due to all the extra people waiting for the bus from slashing some $20 million dollars worth of service!

  2. jaidemoon says:

    Oh ok well when I was there I was friends with a few of the drivers and I was told there were schedualed 5 min breaks along all the routes every 2 hours… it’s one reason why the buses run like they do) maybe thats why they are always behind LOL

  3. Ottawain says:

    Yea as I said they had a huge over haul in September and cut back service like crazy, getting rid of routes left right and center, there were three routes in my area, that they formed into one, by modifying it a bit, and having it end differently for a few runs! No one was happy drivers or customers, my friend who is a driver has been complaining ever since! Of course the real bone-head move was getting rid of the route that serviced CHEO and the Gerneral (luckily the brought it back) busses always have and always will run horribly here, mabey ,mabey they will be better when the tunnel downtown is done, in like 8 years from now!

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