UPDATE: Melissa Dawn Peacock Where are you? – 2 Arrests made in connection to missing Dartmouth lady.

Update: to Melissa Dawn Peacock where are you?
Sadly I must say this story didn’t have the ending I was hoping for, Ruth my dear lady you’ve been so strong, so patient and so brave waiting for some news of your baby girl HOPING she’d come home safe and sound. For your loss I am so sorry! Your daughter regardless of her past was still a beautiful girl and to the monsters who took her away from you and her brother I hope they throw the book at them if they are found guilty in court. If for some ungodly reason they aren’t… I PRAY god gives them a just a swift punishment.

Melissa was a beautiful social butterfly, loved her family dearly and enjoyed her friends, but on November 7th  at approximately 7:30 p.m. she left her Dartmouth residence, then she left messages to her mom about having to go somewhere with friends even thou she didn’t want to go, her last known contact was on November 8th at approximately 12:34 a.m. Melissa Peacock was then reported missing to Halifax Regional Police on November 9th, 2011. Sadly she never returned and after 90 days many turned to the thoughts of the worse happening as she hadn’t contacted anyone. Even rumors of her running to Winnipeg with a new boyfriend were false when someone pretending to be Randolph Adams posted on the Halifax Regional Facebook page but then later deleted it.

The missing person investigation was then added to the Nova Scotia Department of Justice Rewards Program on May 18th 2012. Information was received through the rewards program not long after and this assisted in the success of the police investigation.Justice Minister Ross Landry commented with; “As a former police officer, I can appreciate the time, energy and dedication that goes into investigations of this caliber; To the members involved, I commend you for your efforts. Your work will give families answers and ensure that justice will be served.” Closure for Ruth and her family has been a long time coming

Today The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Halifax Regional Police & the Truro Police service announced charges in not one but two homicides.of two men in connection with the murder of twenty-year-old Melissa Peacock of Dartmouth and twenty-six-year-old Ben Hare of Truro. Chief Superintendent Brian Brennan, Criminal Operations Officer for the RCMP in Nova Scotia. stated “We were relentless in our efforts to gather evidence and with the assistance from the Nova Scotia Department of Justice Rewards Program, we have ultimately been able to bring individuals to justice and have them answer to these senseless acts of violence”

On July 3rd, 2012, Nova Scotia Major Crimes Unit (along with other policing facilities) arrested two men thought to be brothers, one in Halifax and one at a residence in Kennetcook. The RCMP officers were assisted by investigators from Truro Police Service and Halifax Regional Police; Dustan Joseph Preeper, 24-years-old of Halifax and Joshua Michael Preeper, 20-years-old of Kennetcook, Hants County have been charged with first degree murder in connection with the murder of Melissa Peacock.Dustan Preeper has also been charged with second degree murder in connection with the 2010 murder of Ben Hare. They are scheduled to appear in Truro Provincial Court today.

Dustin has a violent past and tends to enjoy the physical altercations he’s been in, in the past, sporting in an image on facebook from Feb 6th 2011, lacerations to his head and bragging about not being knocked out after a claimed altercation involving someone hitting him with a crowbar.


Dustan’s sister Ariana Preeper commented with “Wow good goin u guys always gotta take pics b4 you clean up right lol I have some very messed up brothers lmao” this comment was made on November 15, 2011 at 10:54pm, just days after Melissa’s disappearance. There are many more images as well one of them from when Dustan was arrested in connection with the murder of Ben Hare, in where the original charges were dropped but the case was left opened so if there was any new evidence in that case, then new charges could be brought forward.


What I don’t understand is WHY… Sure both of these young people have had their issues with their past… but WHY take someone away from someone’s family just because you think they aren’t what you wanted them to be. It’s a shame really not only is one family broken because someone else had to take into their own hands and judge harshly this person and remove their life from them, but another family is broken because of the poor choices another made. To Ruth and Tyler, I am sorry for your loss. I hope the closure helps the healing your family will be going through in the months to come. To Dustan and Josh’s family, I hope you can forgive him for ruining not only his own life, but for possibly taking the life from someone else when he had no right to, he’s not god, and may he have mercy on your son’s soul should he be guilty of this horrible crime.

PS: I have messaged Ruth and asked her if she has anything to say, I haven’t heard from her but if she so chooses to remain silent I will fully understand. This is a tough time for her and her family and I hope she has the support she needs to help her through this…If she happens to have any comments and gives permission for me to post them I shall in due time.



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3 Responses to UPDATE: Melissa Dawn Peacock Where are you? – 2 Arrests made in connection to missing Dartmouth lady.

  1. Such a shame… 😦 But at least they know who it was – and the family can have some closure. RIP Melissa. My condolences to the family.

  2. char says:

    It is sad how such a young person has to be taken from our home called earth. But what is even sadder is how she was taken away from a wonderful family that truly loved her… She will be missed and yes her smile will live on for ever….. but she is in a better place were she is at peace. But this is not the end for her family this is just the beginning of a long road a head of them. Wanting to ask questions and wanting answer to why two people could do harm to there daughter……. I feel the book should be thrown at them but that would be to easy…. there has to be more that can be done, use these men as examples, show the world that is is not right to do what these men did to Melissa.. IT IS WRONG… we hear way to many deaths of love ones that are so young.. If we do not stand up now and do what is right to help others to see this then we are just to blame as they are for we have failed. I am only one person but if many people follow then there will be more… Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, friends and family please stop and tell you young sons or daughters the dangers that can lead them into the wrong path and if you can not help them then find them the help please this stuff has to come to a stop…..please

  3. tammy says:

    I live in middle Stewiake not far from upper Stewiake where she was found.I am very upset to hear of her being out here where not much happens.I give my condolences to her family and am glad that they found and arrested the people responsiable for this terriable tragedy.I have no idea at this point where it was in upper Stewiake but my boyfriend is orriginally from there and it breaks our hearts to know that she was not far from us all along…RIP Melissa you can now be put to rest.

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