A recycling project with a lesson learned

I did this wonderful recycling project like I have been for MANY years’ only this time around I did use a new product to “paint” it… unfortunately the results were very disappointing and I ended up spending more money that I should have on this project to RESCUE the mess this new product I didn’t have feed back on had caused. I learned a valued lesson here… CHECK before buying ANYTHING. So I did end up going back to the products I DO know and trust. Premier – Primer and Amour coat Satin Latex Enamel paint (You can use Tremclad as well as this also is an excellent product)

Here’s the project video

My daughter Ḉamaya LOVED her big girl bed but asked for a different color so I was happy to oblige. I even allowed her to pick out her own color!

Prior to doing the video and project the bed had already been sanded. I had primed it after the video had been compleated and then waited to paint it a few days later when it was nice out.

Below is the results after it had been sanded, primed and then painted with the Krylon spray paint…the paint peeled off like tape… and had stuck to my hand when I had picked it up and moved it indoors. 😦

and even after the project was sanded, primed and allowed to dry for over an hour on a NICE (no humid day!) the paint still came off on my hands when it was moved. One can didn’t cover the 25 square feet it claims on the can and it also sputtered while being sprayed… It ended up costing over $70 to save the bed from this mess caused by this product.

So I wrote the company letting them know how disappointed I was in the product…

Here’s the “excuse” I received back… I guess they must assume all their customers are stupid enough to use their products on humid or bad days, even thou I explained to them I had followed the directions. Needless to say my aunt was the one who told me how to rescue the bed and I did so and ended up spending another $70 on stripper, the paint I USUALLY use *A Satin Latex Enamel by Armour coat or Tremclad* new brushes and rollers and more Primer. My response to them wasn’t so pleasant this time…
mainly because I do NOT appreciate being treated as if I’m stupid…

So I had written the company about the disappointment and let down this product had given me even after following the instructions and this was the response the company gave me for their product.

I responded with the following :

I have the can here… on the bottom is a bunch of number 452108000 /ET0802MY/12:42 NFP (or NPP I can’t make it out too well) then 1:40 I didn’t keep the receipt… I didn’t think I’d have to!!! On top of that … it doesn’t help with the damage done to the bed I built!!!

This was it Prior to the painting (AFTER I built it and primed it) *image #1 after the bed was done prior to painting as located above*

This is AFTER I tried to paint it…with the Krylon spray paint!
Image #2 after the headboard had been painted and the paint came off on my hand, as located above.
This is what happened when I put it down after it had been drying an hour and 10 mins and it WASN’T humid, it wasn’t raining, it was a bit breezy but nothing that would have hindered it’s drying time and the bed had been sanded as well… AND primed, so the excuse of the weather and humidity levels DO NOT fly with me, I’ve been doing these kind of projects far too long to be stupid enough to do one when the weather is crappy!!!

I never thought to keep the receipt… I NEVER figured the product would ruin something like this! I’ve been doing recycling projects like this for 12 years!! And just ONCE I decide to try something new… and this is what I get… I will not get the cost of the crib back…(which was over 100 bucks!)  I will not get the cost of my time back and I will not get back the money I HAD to fork out to repair the recycled crib to bed AFTER the dismal outcome from the Krylon product… (Which was over 70 bucks for stripper, MORE primer since the stripper took off BOTH the Krylon crap and the primer, and then the new paint I SHOULD have stuck with *which I might add is a satin latex enamel I usually use!* and new brushes as well) KEEP your refund… I’ll be posting about this as an addition to the video I did for this project (I tape ALL of these projects for my blog!)

S White
Jaide’s Liar

I left the link to my Blog here… being as I’m VERY disappointed and as a consumer who has had it with companies who treat their consumers like they are the stupidest things around. *Shakes head* I’m glad I was able to save the bed after the damage. I’m not pleased I had to spend over $70 to save it as this was supposed to be an Earth Friendly” project. I am thankful thou that Armour Coat, Premier and Tremclad have kept their quality products and I will never go to anything else again (It’s like going to a new hair dresser when you’ve been with one for years…it just feels wrong and I should have trusted that gut instinct in the first place!)
To my followers in here and in YouTube, thanks for being loyal and trying some of the projects I do 🙂 it’s nice to see the outcomes of some of your recycled trinkets into treasures. If you have any questions or comments PLEASE feel free to drop me a line, or pass on my link to those you know will enjoy this!
PS – Have a very safe and Happy Halloween!



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One Response to A recycling project with a lesson learned

  1. James M says:

    Awesome job coming up with the idea for the project! Too bad the paint had to be such an issue. Its funny now that i am taking a sales course as part of my program, i cant walk into any store with out seeing all the customer service details they miss, it drives me crazy! I can defiantly sympathize with you, for how the paint company dealt with you!

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