An on going issue with our Holidays and Rememberance day – It’s time someone said it so I WILL.

OK so I agree with a friend of mine and decided to writing an article about this very subject on Shelby’s encouragement and I will be using her honest comments (cuss words and all…)
If you’re wondering just what I’m taking about it’s about the need for corporations to set Christmas time a HOLY time to be so commercialized that it’s no longer what it’s suppose to be
BUT yet when we wish someone a “Merry Christmas” we’re offending foreigners. How is it that the minority who live here under our laws, and rules can rule OUR religious beliefs but
we’re suppose to “Bow to their religious rights as to not offend?” HELLO… Those who need to use THEIR culture (from outside of Canada) as a means to BEAT me and everyone else
into submission over a damn holiday, should go the hell back where they came from and celebrate it THERE. Here we Celebrate Christmas and BE DAMNED if anyone is going to
MAKE me say “Happy Holidays” just so as to not offend someone. Making me do this is offending. I should have just as MUCH right; to say as I wish based on my religious beliefs
as they do; so if you’re from Iran, Lebanon or some other 3rd world country you had to run from just so you wouldn’t die or be subjugated to torture for speaking your mind,
and think that my “Merry Christmas” is offensive; then do me a favor. LEAVE, and celebrate your OWN culture in your OWN country and allow my family and I celebrate ours in OUR country.
Also I do find that ANY store, corporation and business who insists on shoving down our throats the “Holiday” season as if it’s a race to see who can get the most people in their store buying
their stuff. I mean really now do they have NO respect for those who fought in the wars past and present that they go and put crap up BEFORE November 12th? HELLO RESPECT A VETERN!
I think this should be LAW dammit and I for one am going to make sure LOTS of people get the word about this. I will also have a poll to so read below my questions and feel free to add your own
thoughts. I picked a few comments from my FB page to put here in my blog ANYONE else who wishes to contribute to this pending article PLEASE share your own feelings and thoughts on this very subject… 🙂
I also want those of my OWN friends who are not from Canada originally but are legal landed immigrants to tell me, do you REALLY get offended when I say Merry Christmas to you?
DO you feel that this season is too commercialized? Should stores be putting up their decorations and shoving the holiday down our throats BEFORE Remembrance day?

As posted by my friend in Facebook –
Shelby Dawn Gay:

Props to Shoppers for turning off their Christmas music, some pieces of shit are saying stuff like THIS:
“I guess people tend to forget this is CANADA. We have played CHRISTMAS MUSIC for as long as I can
remember. People from other countries are supposed to ASSIMILATE to OUR ways.
I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN A MUSLIM STATE or any other state but CANADA.”

It’s touch and go to have the decorations, I’m so fine with selling stuff, but to play the music is just
punching veterans and our Honored Dead in the damn FACE! You people make me SICK.
You have no respect and have NO RIGHT to live in CANADA. I don’t give a fuck what holiday you celebrate,
this is NOT a “Happy Holidays” issue, it’s a RESPECT issue. I’m disgusted.

Please vote in the poll – Do you believe that stores of ALL sorts should wait to start their Christmas festivities till AFTER Rememberance day?



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