A Short trip on the 20 Herring Cove. – Racism at it’s worst.

I’ve been a witness to hatred; Hell I’ve been part of it for years. Intolerance, I’ve dealt with that within my own damn family! And racism as well while in school; which I despise. Regardless of a person’s gender, age, sexual orientation, or religion NO ONE has the right to discriminate against another person.
THIS being said, there is a limit on tolerance for people who are abusive, terror-mongers, and a radical; be it religion on something else….
My reason for this “rant” is I had the misfortune of meeting a MOTHER, who was openly showing her children hate in the form of discrimination. A dreadful act to teach a child who’s not fully aware of the ways of the world.

I was on the 20 Herring Cove Rd bus in Halifax Nova Scotia, when I came across a frazzled mom, I will call this woman “Trinity” as she had a dog paw tattoo with the name Trinity on it, on her left of her chest which was viewable. This woman was about 30ish, long blonde hair and in a foul mood. She touted with her two young children.
She was frustrated and I can understand that as she had 4 large bags of school supplies with her and one of them was split. I was friendly to her and made a suggestion to her about putting the school supplies into the kids kit bags to save her the frustrations of cleaning it up off the ground when the bag did split.
She sighed and stated ‘Frankly I don’t care anymore, I’m just in that kind of mood.” I smiled and said “It’ll get better.” She nodded but still stated “When I go back to Wal-Mart, they are going to hear my mouth” I figured a complaint was probably warranted seeing as she had LOTS of bags, and double bagging should have been done considering the way her bags had been packed (to over flowing) so I understood her and empathized with her on how workers there should have the common sense to double bag when necessary.

Now up to this moment I felt bad for her and wished I could help her with her dilemma but alas I didn’t have the resources at that moment to do so; but at that moment she then spoke the most hateful words I heard and it made me seethe! “She should go back to the country she came from!”

She’s speaking to someone of a minority ethnic background, there’s a black woman and a Lebanese man not far from either of us as well and she has the fucking nerve to say this shit!
I piped up because it was the right thing to do, I can understand being a bit miffed or pissed but to openly discriminate against someone based on their ethnic origins was WRONG on so many levels!
I mean she didn’t know this woman, she didn’t know if she was born here or not, she had NO right to say what she said.

I stated that her comment was rude and I showed my disappointment in which she retaliates with
“You don’t know me, and I don’t fucking care what anyone thinks of me!”
Obviously Einstein was right when he stated “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits”; as she obviously went beyond the limits of stupid with her comment.
I wouldn’t want to know a racist person regardless of how “Nice” they were on a good day. Racism isn’t tolerated period and she was teaching her young impressionable children how to hate with her slurs.

I looked at her and spoke up, “You don’t know the woman you put down and your words are racist and rude.”
I was then promptly told to “Shut up, you’re best to ignore me and I’ll ignore you” I had to very carefully control myself so I didn’t punch this bitch in the face… YES I called her a bitch because that’s exactly what she was being. Instead of being one myself and stooping to her level of stupidity I decided to take the high road and I stated “I’d much rather not be on the bus with a racist bigot who’s teaching her kids how to hate, way to go.” and from there I got off the bus as to prevent a war; I then realized I hadn’t even made it off of Mumford road. I got as far as the 1st stop from the Mumford station.

To “Trinity”

My dear, I WAS trying to be nice and felt your frustrations and wished I could help you, but in an instant you turned into a monster I didn’t want to know. I believe you need to have some lessons in tolerance, and to learn what racism is and all about and how it’s trickling effects have on everyone around you. You’d hate it if someone ASSUMED something about you and called you something you’re not, or used it against you as a weapon like you did this woman whom you knew nothing about other than she worked at Wal-Mart on Mumford road in Halifax. You used your “bad” day to attack someone with racial slurs in front of your children. I honestly feel bad for your children. I’m sure you’re not that heartless in continuing to be teaching your kids how to be intolerant of others and to be a racist. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite you in the ass as Karma has its way of coming back 10 fold. (Well in all honesty actually; in retrospect I hope it does; maybe then you’ll learn a lesson from it, but a good one.) To your children I PRAY you do not learn from your mothers mistake, remember there will be people who will not be tolerant of you, but it takes a bigger person to hold their heads high and stick up for a minority than it does to put one down. Please be better than this, god knows the world needs more polite tolerant people around.

To those who have listened to my rant, please understand that yes I support those of other backgrounds regardless of who they are, I tried to be polite to this lady, YES I was pissed and I DID speak up, but it was better to walk away at least I DID speak up; but know I don’t tolerate hate of any kind when it comes to mankind; we’re only here for a short time and it’s better to leave GOOD solid set of foot prints for our children to follow then to leave a distorted line based on hate and intolerance. I HOPE this lady stops and lets her children know that YES adults DO make mistakes and that what she did was wrong, so it gives her children a better message than the one she sent prior to this incident. This will send a better message to her children and to let them know it’s ok to make mistakes so long as you try to make an effort to correct it.

PLEASE pass this on to those of you who also understand that we need to be more tolerant of each other regardless of our differences. Comments welcomed πŸ™‚


About Jaidemoon

Sylvia lives in Halifax NS in a well known neighbourhood called Spryfield Sylvia is also known in many writing circles as Lila Mosher. (her chosen pen name) She is in the process of getting her 1st book published, from a series called Steppin' Out that she's been working on for a few years (So far she's completed 4 books and the 5th one is almost done.) She's accomplished getting poetry published in the past but the most recent accomplishment was getting an article published in the Nova Scotia Advocate. (Something she's wanted to do for years) Sylvia has 2 children at home and is a altruistic lady who is forever trying to assist those in her community, she volunteers for the local food bank in her area and helps rescue cats though a rescue group she runs with her aunt called "Halicats". She firmly believes that kindness is a commodity and should be given freely. "I once was told as a teen... 'When storm clouds come rolling in, try to be someones rainbow.' I still try to do this on a daily basis." S. White. Sylvia Or Jaide in here has quite the following with her written works including a fan fiction series called Generation Ork. and several other stories that you can find on line. Check them out in the links on her blog.
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5 Responses to A Short trip on the 20 Herring Cove. – Racism at it’s worst.

  1. James M says:

    Well said!

  2. jaidemoon says:

    Thanks James, Please if you could rate this (stars above) and pass on the link in facebook or twitter πŸ™‚ I’d appreciate it very much.

  3. Ann says:

    Hate is a fierce monster that rears it’s ugly head when we least expect it and more often when we do nothing to stop it. Its got a hard bite, and takes chunks of our self away; swallows our pride and self-esteem when it happens to us. I’m with you, I pray this woman teaches the right thing to her children and corrects her mistake. You did the right thing Jaide by not even stooping to her level in here while you wrote. This takes guts and lots of self awareness when it comes to not being like those around you. Kudos to you for being brave enough to point out her errors as well, it’s a shame the two other minorities didn’t speak up as well, but at least a middle aged white woman did πŸ˜‰ God speed and keep up the writing πŸ™‚

    • jaidemoon says:

      Thanks Ann for your comment.
      You’re right it did take A LOT not to “slam” this lady in my blog but I thought better of it because; I don’t know her. I don’t know her background so I have no right to judge her based on the dislike I had for her words and her “hate” of those not like her.
      I figured the high road is better for me because it makes me a better person to understand that not everyone is happy all the time, not everyone is taught the right thing growing up as well and even thou I don’t believe using your upbringing as an excuse (as anyone can stop a cycle if they so choose to) I figured that maybe if she happened to see this she’d think about her actions and make right on it. Then again for all I know she could flip out and come track me down and try to beat the shit out of me. Who knows.

    • jaidemoon says:

      Thanks Ann for your encouragement πŸ™‚ I try to do what I can in a positive manner to those around me no matter how small.. I TRY to keep peace but sometimes peace isn’t an easy route when it comes to whats right… and tempers flare. I pray one day she can see where she’s gone wrong in her thoughts and teachers her kids tolerance.

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