A Rosey tutorial to start the year :)

Hey all. Happy New Year to everyone who follows me or reads my stuff in general!
I hope your New Year was fantastic. I rather enjoyed my quiet start to the 2014 year.

This year is seeing me moving to a new home!! I’d dance but there’s no emote to help me do that LOL!
We will have a big backyard, which I’m looking forward to! I love my gardens and especially flowers.
I am; however; allergic to wild rose… (Hybrids don’t seem to be an issue if they aren’t too “smelly”)
but I can always have my roses when ever I want… I just make paper ones 😀 .

This February actually sees me making 100 rainbow roses (Pride ones) out of paper for two of my great friends for their wedding, which happens this month! 🙂 My daughter is their flower girl/ring bearer. So in light of my roses and the wedding of two awesome people I am setting up this tutorial for ALL my friends who asked me

Enjoy, PLEASE rate this blog at the bottom of the page.
and if you have questions PLEASE ask I will answer
as quickly as possible. If you enjoyed it. SHARE it 🙂

The 5 peddle hole punch. This is what you will need to start making paper roses…

If you can afford to purchase this hole punch. It will help you start making your paper roses. IF you can’t afford it you can always print and cut out your peddles instead.

Printed peddles work good to.

Make sure when you cut out your peddles to take your time and remove ALL the black ink from the peddles as you don’t want that showing up on your roses.

This is what you should have when you either punch out or cut out your peddles. If you need to copy the peddles for printing click the image for the template and print it off.

Clicking on the image should get you a template of the full sized peddles all ready for printing (use this if you don’t have a hole punch)

This is what the peddle should look like once you punch it out or cut it out. Make sure there’s no lines on the peddle as it will show on the flower once it’s made and we don’t want that.

once you’ve cut out your peddles you need to curl the peddles… (twice) Here’s the 1st way and this MUST be done for EVERY peddles.

Curl all the peddles like this so they are turned in. this makes it easier when you curl then again (back) for gluing.

once this is done you will need to make sure your glue gun is ready and hot. You will start the bud by curling the peddles again into each other to form the bud… the following image shows you what to do.

on the back edge of one of the peddles put a TINY daub of hot glue. (be careful it is HOT) then take the peddle after the one next to it and pull it up and glue it to it. this will form what you see in the image above.

Once that’s done you will need to take the second peddle you just glued and add another daub of glue and glue one of the next peddles to the set you have now… it should look like this

once you get the 3 peddles together you should have a starter bud… put glue on the outside of the 3 and push up the last two peddles to finish forming the bud.

When you’re done this and it’s cooled some… GENTLY curl under (or down) the two outter peddles you just glued on… ONLY those two on the main bud should be curled down…

This is the bud before the two outer peddles are curled under.

curl under (down) the outer peddles) on the bud this is your MAIN bud section done.

if your flowers bud doesn’t look like the image below… try again. It does take some practice and please be careful we don’t need burnt fingers (though with this project is IS going to happen, just don’t want badly burnt ones)

This is the finished bud, this is your MAIN section of your flower and where everything will be glued to.

This is your 2nd section, and set of peddles. you will notice that on the bottom of your bud it looks like a house (or a polygon) make sure the tips of the polygone of your bud are set on the MIDDLE of the next set of peddles, as the image below shows.

meet the tips of the bottom of your bud (it looks like a polygon) to the middle of the 2nd set of peddles so it layers properly. it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate but the better lined up the better the rose.

Once this is done your flower should look like this.

next set of peddles is called the 2nd row/set.
you will now curl down these peddles.

like this.

once curled you will then add glue to the inside of the peddles and make them stick to the bud.

Here is where you put the glue.

Glue goes here then push up that peddle towards the bud and hold it… this is HOT to do so be prepared to push it on quickly and blow on it to cool it quickly … do this for ALL 5 peddles.

your flower with it’s 2nd set of peddles on it should look like this.

if it doesn’t look like this, try again. it takes time to get it, so don’t worry if it’s not perfect the 1st time.

next you repeat the steps you did with the last set of peddles with the 3rd set.

glue the middle and line it up with the 2nd set of peddles as you did before. Make the polygone’s tips meet the middle of the peddles.

again once done curl down the peddles like so

once curled you will add glue to the inside of the peddles like you did with the 2nd set and push them up towards the bud (and 2nd set) and hold them down till they are stuck…

when you’re done gluing it should look like this. If not don’t sweat it. Try again 🙂

You need to repeat these steps for as many peddles as you plan to add. 4 is OK for small roses. You can do ONE or Two for buds without turning down (or curling) the peddles but 6 is the max unless you’re doing them SUPER large. (which can be done)

just remember for each layered peddles you add to line them up properly for a nice peddle layout.

This is a small rose with only 4 layers. I did the rainbow/Pride ones with all 6 colors of the rainbow. 🙂

This is what 2 of my roses looked like once they were done. I have about 20 finished now and 80 more left to go LOL 🙂 … Currently working on 21-30 right now as I post this.

THIS is the whole mess of roses I have so far. 🙂

and i can’t wait to see them at my best friends wedding 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make paper roses. If you want “washable” ones for say a kids room etc… try using opaque plastic film (similar to the stuff they use on over head projectors) and doing the same thing as shown here.
*don’t use clear you will see the glue!*

Thanks again and don’t forget, please rate and or comment 🙂



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2 Responses to A Rosey tutorial to start the year :)

  1. Lynn says:

    Very good totorial, with one exception, it would be great to have a list of materials (kind of paper, glue, hot glue, ect.) and tools (name of the punch, scissors ect.) that you will need to make these beautiful roses. LOVE IT!!!!!

    • jaidemoon says:

      Thanks for that info. I think this is a wonderful think to ask for.
      Hole punch is called a 5 petal punch and is found at Micheal’s art store. (It’s about 34 dollars Canadian)
      Paper can be any 20 pound stock or lighter. If you plan on using plastic instead please use Opaque and something that’s hearty to heat.
      Yes hot glue (low temp glue please… high burns faster) cheap scissors of any kind (straight edged works)

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