Linda Felix – A Feline’s hero

Spay Day in Halifax is a BIG deal for low income families who have cats. The cost for an adult cat is about $100 and many families take advantage of the low cost since most vet clinics charge well over 350$ for this kind of care. Cats are vetted, vaccinated and tested for FIV (Feline AIDS) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia) as well as being altered (Fixed) All of this is possible due to one Lady who has become many a feline’s hero… her name is Linda Felix.

Linda Felix has been working with Spay day in Halifax Nova Scotia now for several years; she started all of her fine works in April of 2011. Since then she has spayed and neutered well over 800+ cats for low-income families and this amount continues to grow every single year. Funds are low but she continues with what she has and always is fund raising to help all the cats that are abandoned/abused or feral. In the Greystone area alone she has spayed 142 cats! That’s simply amazing!
Every single day Linda is on the run dealing with vet visits, picking up cats, transporting, live trapping and more. Out of all of this she gets to see 100’s of cats. Some are lucky… others sadly… not so much.

Where I live, Coyotes attack and kill more cats that one would likely think possible, but sadly it’s true; and why? Because owners do NOT understand the dangers there are out there that lurk for their pets. 1 in 4 cats in my area are more than likely to test positive for FIV or FeLV. Most of these cats if they can’t be saved… are usually sent across the “Rainbow bridge” a term used for a special animal that should have been given a better chance at life or one who had a long life and a yet still a hard battle. Owners need to understand that if they really care for their cat, the best way to keep them safe is to keep them INDOORS. A cat with FIV can contaminate another cat from bites scratches and even from a non infected pet stepping into the urine or feces of an infected cat. FIV can also be passed on through breeding and birth. It’s a HORRIBLE way for your pet to die.

Linda live traps many cats in order to control populations of colonies. Cats that are caught in a Spay day live trap are checked over for these diseases and if they are found to already be fixed the cat is listed in the lost cat network to find their owners. If their owners are not found in a reasonable amount of time it is assumed the cat may have been abandoned and the cat is put up for adoption. Every single animal that Linda saves is a blessing and those who work with her, either with fostering like I do or with fund raising; every bit helps.

The link here >>> shows all of the current adoptions that are available now. Each special cat in need of a loving fur-ever home. If you or someone you know is looking for a pet, consider adopting an older cat. The costs are cheaper in the long run when it comes to their spaying or adoption fees.

If there is ANYONE out there that is in the Halifax area who can help with donations please by all means send through paypal to and help Linda keep up her good works because everyone needs a hero, even if you’re a cat.

NOTE: Just so people are aware; Spay Day is now a registered charity and tax receipts can be issued for donations (over 10$) Check out the Facebook link here for more information!



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My name is Sylvia, I reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm a mother of 4 biological children, (2 currently at home) 1 with her amazing dad (I was a surrogate) and one all grown (sort of LOL) and now on her own. I also have 4 other adopted/step children. I've been a foster parent for over 20 years, and have fostered 23 children total. I was inspired to do fostering because of my own AMAZING foster parents, Christine Hanlon and William Smith of Antigonish who took me in as a teen-aged foster child; which as a parent now; I know teen foster kids aren't the norm because most parents want babies. I am an artist of MANY different mediums, this includes writing. (I'm NO professional!) Years ago I use to have a full MSN space site but I removed it (as MSN spaces was closing) and am starting over in Wordpress. I hope I can amuse and bring some enjoyment to those who pop by and browse my pages. PS: Those who have a suggestion on a story, concern, current event or "Mommie Moments" (M&M's as I call them) they'd like me to write about feel free to drop me a line I'd love to hear from my readers.
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