Closure for Peacock and Hare families. Sentence handed down to Preeper brothers.

It took three years. Three LONG agonizing years to get justice for a wonderful young lady who was taken much too soon, and her family. On July 16th 2014, both Joshua & Dustan Preeper were sentenced for the brutal murder of Melissa Dawn Peacock. A 2nd for Dustan in the July 8th 2010 murder of Ben Hare.


In the courts, Dustan stayed true to his disturbing nature as displayed throughout his past postings within his Facebook profile. His unremorseful and outrageous comments to the judge left many people in shock and awe when he was asked if he has anything to add. His response was to give the finger and say “I just want to say thank you and congratulations and you can all go fuck yourselves, You mutts!” When he was reprimanded for his behavior his next response was that of a insolent child, “What are you going to do? Give me another 25 years?” His behavior in comparison to that of a six year old child trying to prove he’s a big boy who can “Take it.” I’m sure he made his point. One of his family members stated he’s “Not a monster.” but then again I’m sure there are many others who feel that, that particular statement is far fetched as his uncaring and sadistic behavior has proven otherwise.


Dustan had stabbed and killed Melissa on the 8th of November, 2011; the very evening after Melissa’s last text to her mother. He stabbed her because she tried to leave a house party with his car. The brothers took her remains to the woods where they burned her body, later that day they went back and took her remains to South Branch Road in Upper Stewiacke. The murder weapon was disposed of by Dustan who had thrown it off a new by bridge. These apparently are the actions of a man who’s Not a monster, someone who knew what they did and then planned to avoid being caught.
It is a shame really. This obviously disturbed and aggressive man took away the life of a young woman. Took her away from her mother, her siblings and her grandfather. He took something that wasn’t his, because he felt entitled to do so ALL because she wanted to leave. Because she knew she wasn’t in a safe spot. It shows you how heartless he was as to take all that away from so many people. Not only did this person do this to Melissa but he also took the life of another, a young man named Ben Hare, something he easily admitted to doing to an undercover cop.
Rufus Peacock; Melissa’s grandfather; someone she was very close to said it was very difficult to hear how his granddaughter was murdered but he states he understands that it happened and it will be time to move on from this tragedy. Ruth; Melissa’s mother; made a statement in Facebook to those who had heard the news that she was comforted by the fact that her daughter passed quickly and that she wasn’t alive when they burned her body.

Melissa's well being is a great concern to her mother.

Melissa Dawn Peacock

“I know the details come as a shock to most of you, I know they did for us and would to anyone with a heart and conscience. The comforting FACT is when they set her on fire, my baby was already gone. She didn’t suffer and to me, that’s what’s most important. There was no trace of ash or smoke found in her lungs. This was not mentioned anywhere so to give you guys peace of mind, to know she did not suffer, I felt it necessary to relay this to all of you. Thank you for all the positive comments and for being so supportive to myself and my family over the last couple years. Justice is finally served for 2 beautiful, innocent lives. Xoxo.”
Ruth has been very strong throughout this trial and diligent in her memorial to her daughter, even creating a garden in her new home in her daughter’s name which she tends to faithfully. Her Facebook kept loved ones up to date with court proceedings and gave her own thoughts on things as they progressed. Not once did she give up, she even encouraged others to come forward to help solve many unsolved cases that are still on record to date as she said it gives closure to those with missing children or family members.

She also openly supported the Hares as well in their own time of need. If there was ever a person in this world who needed to be able to scream in the face of the people who took away her baby, Ruth would be one of those people who’d be justified in doing so; but she didn’t.
She’s stated she was and is very grateful for the justice served in her daughter’s death. She will now have closure on this tragic time in her family’s life. I remember the first time I met Ruth. She looked lost, very tired and drained. Today she looks much different. I am forever grateful that this wonderful lady and mother finally has answers on her daughter’s death. To you Ruth my condolences to you and your family. I know it’s been a long hard three years and you’ve been so strong. I hope this closure brings the much needed peace to you and your family.



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