A whole new spin on Cos-playing, Meet X.P.

In Halifax N.S. there are 100’s of people who enjoy Hal-con and in November we will see the city of Halifax covered with people dressed up in their finest portraying their favorite characters. Some are outrageous, some are finely detailed and some are very unique such as one young fellow I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with through Facebook.

In the Cos-play community, He goes by X.P. and he’s 22 years old and has lived in the Halifax area his whole life. He is a professional hairstylist and regularly transfer those skills into wig work. I asked him a few questions about his passion for Cos playing. I found his methods to be fascinating because he puts a whole new spin to his form of cos-playing. He gender-bends characters, a task that’s not so easy when you’re making a female character into a male one but a challenge this young man seems eager to take on. He’s done some fantastic work and you can check out his images through his Facebook profile. >> Check here

X.P. From Halifax NS. Best knowing in the cos-playing world for his gender bent characters.

X.P. From Halifax NS. Best knowing in the cos-playing world for his gender bent characters. *Click the pic to see the larger image

Credit for Profile image >> https://www.facebook.com/SeanSnowPhotography

I asked:
Tell me a bit about yourself, what your career is or what you want to do.

X.P said:
I’d love to make a career out of Cos-playing. I am the sole male member of Halifax’s Usagi Cos-play Team and an active participant in the Super Friends.
5 Random facts about me…
A) I love DC/Marvel, Anime, Disney and MMORPGs—mostly W.O.W and League.
B) I absolutely LOVE K-pop.
C) I regularly put fashion colors in my hair, and wear wigs when I need ‘normal hair’.
D) My Cos-play idol is Jessica Nigri (she is also my spirit animal).
E) I REALLY want to go to New York Comic-con 2015

1. What got you started in doing cos-playing and what sparked the gender bending ideas?
In High school, some friends told me ‘that I would make a great Shuichi!’. I had no idea what they were talking about, so I starting looking into it. It was always in the back of my mind at that point, that I kind of wanted to do this. Ultimately, while in hair school, my very good friend and Usagi Cos-play Teammate, The Howling Shoopuf introduced me to Cos-playing.
I tend to gravitate more toward female characters, but the whole concept of cross playing never really appealed to me. I honestly can’t remember who brought it up, but someone described gender-bending to me. At first I was like: ‘Pfft, no.’ but after I started looking at Cos-play and fanart, I fell in love with it.

2. When did you start cos-playing?
I started to Cos-play four years ago in 2011. My costume was Sephiroth. I started taking Cos-play seriously in 2013, when I made my first costume (Bridgett from Guilty Gear) and attended Anime North.
3. What do you enjoy most about all of it?
The Community! The people you get to meet, the places you get to go—it’s just all so exciting. There are so many talented people with different skills and interests.
4. Tell me about one of your favorite and least favorite moments while doing the cos-playing/Gender-bending.
Recently, I posted a picture of my Gender-bend! Esmeralda on Cos-players of Canada. I’ve worked really hard on this Cos-play over the last couple months, making multiple copies of pieces until I was happy with them, gathering my accessories and studying different gypsy cultures, so the great feedback that I’ve gotten from cos-players nationally, is really encouraging and rewarding.
I’ve been told that gender-bending isn’t Cos-playing. I was told that it didn’t take skill and that people wouldn’t respect me for it. It was really disheartening but that being said, the community is generally super supportive.

X.P. As Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

X.P. As Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Click the pic to see a larger image

Credit on the Esmeralda photo goes to >>> https://www.facebook.com/OkGoldConPhoto

5. What character is your favorite to do?
Although I haven’t finished them yet, I can almost guarantee that my favorite cos-plays, will be my Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel) costumes. I’m having so much fun working on them now, and I love the character so much (she’s my all-time favorite character. Period.), that I’ll have a ball getting to wear them and show them off.
6. Which one do you wish to do the most?
The cos-play I’m really looking forward to right now, is my Gender-bend Harley Quinn (Regime costume from the Injustice game). I’d also REALLY like to do Angemon someday.
7. When it comes to your cos-playing what is your strengths? weaknesses?
My Cos-play Strength: knowing my body type and how to build my costume to compliment or change it
My Cos-play Weakness: being way too stubborn to use patterns, despite knowing that they would probably cause me far less aggravation than doing it ‘my way’.
8. How many hours do you say a week/month do you put into costumes?
All of my free time ever. I talk on Skype with my best friends and sew or go to Cos-play related events if I’m not working. As far as actual time per costume, it varies. I made my Power boy costume in 2 days (about 18 hours of actual work), but Sal has taken me over a month so far.
9. Does it cost for your pictures or do you have someone who does them free?
I try work with as many photographers as possible in the Cos-play community. Some professionals work with me to help further each of our portfolios, some Photographers charge for a session (as most professionals charge for their work) and some of my photographers are my Cos-play peers who happen to like taking pictures!

X.P. As Rogue. He makes ALL of his costumes himself! Pretty impressive!

X.P. As Rogue. He makes ALL of his costumes himself! Pretty impressive! Click the pic to see a larger image

Credit on Rogue photo goes to >>> https://facebook.com/KeyHarperCosplay

10. Is Hal-Con in your future? or do you already participate?
Hal-con is always in my future! Haha. I started going last year, and loved it! Last year I wore four costumes: Gender-bend Caitlyn (League of Legends), Vincent (K/Catherine) and Jean (Attack on Titan). This year, I’m going to wear my Gender-bend Rogue (616 Marvel), Beastboy (Teen Titans) and on Saturday, I’m debuting a brand new costume!

If you’re going to be at Hal-Con this year be sure to check out X.P.’s work, he’s grasped some amazing skill in being able to make many of his characters from one gender to the other and frankly those who disagree are well “wrong” LOL! and I can’t wait to see the new costume, keep up the fantastic work X.P.!



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