Catie Miller – A sad ending to a beautiful life

Catherine ‘Catie’ Miller, a vibrant young woman who just finished at NSCC as an electrician, went missing on July 15th 2014. A report from her parents went in on July 21st, 2014.

A search ensued for five agonizing months.  Both her parents John and Terry scoured the city and papered it with missing posters of their beautiful daughter. They were hoping that someone would come forward in helping them find the young mother who’s three year old son was missing her.

Catherine Miller. Missing Since July 15th 2014

Missing posters that 1st started to show days after the report went into police.


Her parents had hoped that she would show for an important court meeting on July 28th 2014, almost two weeks  into her disappearance which involved her son. Sadly this date came and passed without so much as a word; much her parents devastation.

On August 12th, 2014 police obtained Catie’s cell phone after it was turned over to police. It had been found at the Dartmouth Sports Plex a week prior.  On August 24th, 2014 Catie’s parents released a video to YouTube to plead for their daughters return.

They knew; frustrations of not being able to find a job; Catie had been suffering with bouts of depression and pleaded to their daughter if she saw the video.

“If there’s any problem you’ve encountered, we will take care of that for you. Don’t worry about that,” Her mother said, trying her hardest to not break down on camera. “We love you unconditionally, so please remember that and just come back to us.”

One of the several vigils that were held for Catherine.

Loved ones light a candle and say prayers for Catherine’s safe return.


The police never suspected foul play in her disappearance.

Personally for me, (My opinion) concerns in a woman who kept to a normal routine should have sent up flags to the local detachment. It obviously did for her parents who had posters plastered worldwide in a few months.

EDIT: Recently information has been brought forth that wasn’t released to main stream media during the investigation but we’re learning that much of this information was withheld from those involved, as police suspected that the case was a homicide from the beginning. *As quoted in the Halifax Metro* Nov/26/2014 which I think it s crying shame.

Missing posters

Posters were posted WORLD WIDE in a matter of months. Updates were made frequently in the “Find Catie Miller” Facebook page.

I even posted several hundred of these posters myself in my local area. I felt so bad for
her family. I had a heavy feeling this wasn’t going to end well. I’m very heartbroken to be
right in this instance. I will light a candle in my home in memory of this wonderful lady.

Sadly, Saturday evening of November 22nd at a Charlotte Lane address; Twenty-nine year old Jason James Johnson was arrested in the disappearance and homicide of Catie as well as indecently interfering with a dead human body. Her remains have yet to be found.

Mr. Johnson has no fixed address and is well known to police and has several prior arrests and charges including being on probation. He’s scheduled to appear in a Dartmouth court this morning (Monday November 24th, 2014)

Several times in the past to contact both Catie’s parents through their “Find Catie Miller” Facebook page. I assume that because I am not mainstream media they never returned my inquiries. It is understandable though, considering all the stresses they were already dealing with at that time.  My condolences goes out to Terri and John on their loss of their daughter.  My heart and prayers go out to her adorable son. I know he is missing his mamma terribly.

It’s always such a tragedy when a child/family loses a loved one at the hands of a thoughtless person. Those who tend to display no morals or remorse over taking a loved one from their family.

EDIT: (Nov 26th/2014) Two new charges have been laid in Catie’s homicide against a 30 year old man from Port Dufferin and a 30 year old woman possibly from Doherty Drive in Lawrence town.  According to local police, four scenes are now being held while police investigate. No further information will be released while this investigation is on going.


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