Bashing the gay community with ignorance, doesn’t make you right.

I was introduced to this video VIA a friend who isn’t against gay marriages.  He however feels that all the “flag waving” is out of hand… (Such is his opinion, doesn’t mean I agree with it) TOO many people think others are

“Just jumping on the bandwagon!” When it comes to support to the gay community.
Frankly I think the more who support the better, this world is already full of enough hate. Getting angry at those who support a cause only goes to prove that we need MORE people who are supportive to any given cause that benefits a peaceful community as a whole.

The video I speak of is below.

I watched it and I very much disagree with this video. I was told if I respond emotionally I was being irrational.  Frankly I think thats a crock of shit as well… but here’s my  non emotional response. (yes some personal info as well included)

I know several people who are same sex, married and have and are still raising SEVERAL adopted foster children who are.
1. Benefiting society (1 of these children; he is a social worker, married as well  and to a same sex partner also and also has 2 adopted children. He came into this home as a openly gay child and ACCEPTED for who he was. Given the same rights to a roof over his head, love, food in his belly and medical care.
2. This family’s union is saving the government money because they have taken in 9 children from the CPS foster homes and gave them a loving and stable home to live. There for saving the government money in the long run.  When a child is in care it costs CPS about $900 a month per child to pay a foster parent to maintain that child’s care… How do I know… I WAS one of those foster children IN the system. I got lucky with my home and my foster parents showed me what the government paid her to care for me.  Once a child is adopted CPS no longer has to pay the foster parents as it is shown in court that they can afford to maintain the upbringing of each child. 
3. If there were more adoptive same sex homes more children would be raised to be tolerant, accepting and non judgemental. (and quite possible less racists!) The government could save MILLIONS of dollars as well allowing more same sex couples adopt. Less children would be beaten or abused while in the care of a same sexed couple. It’s more likely that a child is beaten or abused by their own biological parents or while in foster care of a hetrosexual couple. Take for instance the several young children who died while in care over a 6 month period in the last few years because CPS took them from their parents for smoking pot. EVERY single home was a hetrosexual setting.
4. Contrary to popular belief that only gay men molest children. None of these children are being or have been molested in this situation.  If anything these children are treated with more respect and dignity then most got with their own flesh and blood. 

When I see videos like this I feel that people tend to take acceptance and tolerance for certain things and at different levels. (Like the ending of segregation) and refuses to let go of their bigoted reasoning which is TAUGHT. (There’s no such thing as Homophobia… No one is inherently AFRAID of a gay person….You’re taught as a child that this person is bad and lied to and told they will molest you. Which is UNTRUE)

I USE to be scared of people who were gay when I was a child… unlike many; once I was on my own I learned there was nothing wrong with it, because it answered my own questions about my own sexuality.

I learned if a person isn’t tolerant of me as I am then these aren’t people I want to be around because they cause friction, something I do not need in my life. I have foster children who are Trans, Gay and Bi. None of my kids molest people, they all plan on getting married. Two of them plan on rescuing children from the foster system. (as many as they can financially support.) If this is SO wrong. I don’t want them to be right… Why because I love my kids for who they are, and I will support their choices.

So…Am I offended by this video?  No, not really…BUT I don’t accept it or agree with it though which is my choice, just like it was their choice to make a video that is based on ignorant and biased facts.

OH and PS: There is nothing wrong with an emotional response to a video like this. If a person punches you in the face do you not respond with an emotion or do you rationalize? Yeah… just as I thought.
You respond with emotion…

This video is a punch in the face to the gay community… those who respond emotional. Don’t feel bad about doing so, it’s a natural reaction. I chose not to because I was told I shouldn’t; this doesn’t mean I didn’t at first… I just chose the HIGH road; unlike the people who created it in the first place.

Those are MY thoughts on that video and here’s one to counteract it…

IN a world where so many feel unloved, unwanted, unaccepted. Their rights taken for granted and those saying “You oppress me because you want what I have” need to take  a LONG hard look at what you can do to a person when you tell them they are disgusting for being themselves…. There’s enough children dying in the world. NONE should die because of intolerant people.  Learn why there are more kids in the gay community killing themselves and understand it works BOTH ways.  How would many like to live in a world where being gay was normal and being straight was “wrong” (Video below shows an example of this concept.)

I hear after all of this is said and done that well, I see people who support the gay community get pissy and they try to shove it down our throats…
Umm, NO this isn’t what they are trying to do… they are TRYING to explain why the voiced choices are IGNORANT…

People who get upset, do so at those who are rude about it all; are upset because of the ignorant ideology behind the fear mongering… Such as: “A gay person will change you…” I’m sorry if you can be “changed” then you were always Gay. another one: “Gay are pedophiles who molest boys”. This too is a rediclious statement and is unfounded, since when it is only gay men who molest children. Or comments on: “I base my belief on the teachings of the bible.” yet it’s been translated 200 times and no one agrees to what it really means…and one religion shouldn’t Pick and choose what to follow, if they can then so can EVERYONE else.

I ACTUALLY get if people don’t like it cause they think it’s “gross”… This is a personal thing… THAT I honestly get… It’s like being grossed out over liver, but no one goes around screaming, Don’t eat liver because I don’t like it! but you will see people encourage others to at least TRY to understand why others do eat it…

to some this will seem like a stupid comparison… but when in fact it’s actually kinda the same.  Those who don’t support based on ideals they were taught are allowed to do so… I don’t condemn them for that at all…They can’t help to think like they do as it was forced upon them, unlike myself and several others at least our support isn’t based on a forced idea, we LEARNED on our own how to think for ourselves. 🙂


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2 Responses to Bashing the gay community with ignorance, doesn’t make you right.

  1. I have a youtube video on my facebook wall that shows that some Christians choose to read the whole book and pay attention to what it says. These are the Christians, like myself, who support the loving and committed relationships of gay people as well as straight…the keywords being “loving” and “committed”. Feel free to share this video in another blog. It is a public post on my timeline so anyone else can watch it as well.

    • jaidemoon says:

      The link above is the video Rona suggested and it is a VERY good religious piece that is VERY well done and shows acceptance!!! THIS church/minister gets it. Why can’t other Christians?

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